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Re: [IP] First set change

> My concern is how red the old site looks after you take off all the tape
> and stuff!  It itched her like mad too!!  I know I've seen you all
> talking about creams and whatever for itching and sticking and clean up
> or whatever!  NOW...  can I have those again please?  LOL  The tape came
> off easily, nothing was sticky afterwards, I was concerned about the

Sounds like she is allergic to the adhesive in the tape on the wings. The 
sils/tenders/comfort sets use a different material, she may be able to 
use those sets. In any event you need to get samples of all the tapes and 
barrier wipes and do some skin tests to see if you can eliminate the 
problem. She won't be able to use the sets that cause her skin to itch 
unless you can put a barrier in place. There are several things you can try.

First get samples of Kendall Polyskin, Tegaderm and IV3000 tape patches 
and see which if any of these bother her skin -- stick it on and wait. If 
one proves to be ok, put it down first as a barrier and you can insert 
the set through the tape. You also might try putting the set in WITHOUT 
removing the paper from the adhesive.

Try with a barrier wipe -- it puts a layer of "stuff" down on the skin 
that protects it and also makes the set stick better. There are sevral, 
by Smith and Nephew "Skin Prep" (not IV Prep) is one of them. I've seen 
at least one other mentioned, but can't remember the name.

The problem she's having is common and can be solved. Hang in there, this 
is an easy one.

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