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Re: [IP] First set change

Melissa Davis wrote:

> Is there any other methods you know of to stop the itching?  MY friend
> said after awhile, she'd get used to the itchy feeling and then wouldn't
> notice it... or it wouldn't itch anymore!

You try different things until you find a tape or skin prep that will
prevent the itching.  I have a lot of adhesive allergies and was
concerned about that preventing me from using a pump so the Nurse
Practitioner suggested we try stuff and find something I wasn't allergic
to.  I started with a cannulla-less tender (with crossed fingers <g>)
and am still happily using tenders (aka silhouetes aka comforts).

> So what do you do when you HAVE to do a night time change?  Stay up all night?

I take a shot for the high (just in case the new site is bad) before I
change the site and then check bgs 1-2 hours after the site change. 
Depending on the time I will stay up or set the alarm.  If I am high and
suspect a bad site in the middle of the night, I take a shot and go back
to bed.

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