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[IP] Critic's Corner :) (for readers)

At the beginning of the recent "Guilt" thread, Leigh mentioned the book
"Caring for the Diabetic Soul"...it's a collection of articles on dealing
with the negative emotions/psychological aspects of diabetes- reads like a
collection of short stories, & I liked it a lot.  As I read the thread, I
remembered a lot of emotional ups & downs born of diabetes in my life, & I
wanted to share info about some resources that I have found to be extremely

Psyching Out Diabetes: A Positive Approach to Your Negative Emotions (Rubin,
Biermann, & Toohey)
Diabetes: Caring for Your Emotions as Well as Your Health (Edelwich &
Meditations on Diabetes (Catherine Feste)
Women & Diabetes (Poirier & Coburn)
The Diabetic Woman (Jovanovic, Biermann, & Toohey)
**The latter two above also collaborated with someone else (I think) on The
Diabetic Man...haven't read that, but given what I have read by them, I
beieve it would be a valuable resource as well.
When a Family Gets Diabetes (Heegard & Ternand)

Also, last week when the thread was up on children's books, one that I don't
think was mentioned:
Next Thing to Strangers (Sheri Cooper Cinykin)- Good teen fiction with a
sixteen-year-old boy as the central character.
Sugar Isn't Everything (Willo Davis ROBERTS) <-  I left off the last name
when I recommended this book.  Ooops!

And these aren't specifically diabetes-oriented, but they are wonderful as
help in turning around your thought processes to overcome the depression &
anxiety that for many are part of the whole "diabetic package":
Feeling Good: The New Mood Therapy (David D. Burns)
The Feeling Good Handbook (Burns)

If you know someone struggling with depression/emotional issues born of
diabetes, any of the above might be worth considering as a Yule gift!  If I
wasn't still somewhat "pre-coffee" right now, I'd offer a little more info
about each of the books mentioned...but I've probably made this quite long
enough as it is!

I just realized that a lot of my posts seem to deal with books...I solemnly
swear that I am NOT employed by any of the publishers to promote their
products (don't I wish!) & that I do, in fact occasionally find the time to
pull my nose out of a book to pursue other activities!!  :)

Happy Reading!

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