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Re: [IP] First set change

Melissa Davis wrote:
> Someone suggested putting some tape down first... that skin type tape...
> and then putting the set through it and that should stop the itching!
> Is there any other methods you know of to stop the itching?  MY friend
> said after awhile, she'd get used to the itchy feeling and then wouldn't
> notice it... or it wouldn't itch anymore!

I don't think you get used to the itching! At least I haven't, and I've
been pumping since last March! :(

Some people are allergic to the adhesives used on the tapes and/or to
the plastic of the tape.

There are some barrier wipes that work pretty well -- I THINK one of
them is Skin Prep from Smith and Nephew, but there are others as well.

I finally figured out that I'm allergic to the plastic, not the
adhesive, so I started using Hypafix, which is a paper tape, under the
set, and so far, so good. The Sils don't stick to Hypafix very well, so
I use another piece of tape on top. 

(And in case you're wondering -- even the little round plastic window in
the Sil is enough to start an allergic reaction). 
> My concern is how red the old site looks after you take off all the tape
> and stuff!  It itched her like mad too!!  I know I've seen you all
> talking about creams and whatever for itching and sticking and clean up
> or whatever!  NOW...  can I have those again please?  LOL  The tape came
> off easily, nothing was sticky afterwards, I was concerned about the
> redness but that went away soon... is there something that will clean it
> well and make it stop itching as well as promote fast healing??

Well, I've used a little hydrocortisone cream around the edges to help
relieve itching from an allergic reaction. I try not to get it near the
wound, because steroid can depress immune function and worsen
infections. I also put a little bacitracin on the wound if it looks at
all red.  

The redness goes away, but it takes the skin a while to heal -- the skin
looks brown and leathery for a couple of months after an allergic

In spite of the allergy problems, I'd STILL rather be pumping!!!


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