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[IP] First set change

Ok, ok!  I know everyone has done this and you've probably read it a
million times and handed out the same advice!  LOL  BUT.... I want to
write about it anyway, ok?

We're only pumping saline now but we were supposed to do a site change
tomorrow.. or a set change... whatever you call it!  But the tape has
been itching Kristina so much that she's been pressing on the top of the
sof set to get it to stop itching!  Then tonight she had a shower and
half the tape came off!  When she showed it to me, we noticed there was
some blood that you could see from the top of the set!  So we changed

Someone suggested putting some tape down first... that skin type tape...
and then putting the set through it and that should stop the itching!
Is there any other methods you know of to stop the itching?  MY friend
said after awhile, she'd get used to the itchy feeling and then wouldn't
notice it... or it wouldn't itch anymore!

So I did all that, got all caught up in the sticky side of all this
tape, took the tape off the wings too early and had to try to figure out
how to get it into the inserter with sticky wings...  after that it was
a breeze!  LOL  It looks good, it didn't hurt going in again... our
doctor didn't want her using Emla cream cause it irritates sensitive
skin... so we're going without ANY numbing agent... cream or ice or
anything!  Kristina got alittle "iffy" about it at the last minute but
it was too late... I popped the button and it was in!  She said it stung
alittle but that soon went away and she was dancing to christmas music

My concern is how red the old site looks after you take off all the tape
and stuff!  It itched her like mad too!!  I know I've seen you all
talking about creams and whatever for itching and sticking and clean up
or whatever!  NOW...  can I have those again please?  LOL  The tape came
off easily, nothing was sticky afterwards, I was concerned about the
redness but that went away soon... is there something that will clean it
well and make it stop itching as well as promote fast healing??

Ok, so I'm rattling here!  I'm just so excited to have done that!  And
VERY glad she's not pumping insulin in there yet!  Whew!  The nurse said
it's better to change it in the morning so if anything happens you catch
it while she's up and around!  So what do you do when you HAVE to do a
night time change?  Stay up all night?

Thanks so much for your advice in advance!  And I just have to say that
all your letters to me were wonderful!!  Thank you!  I"m saving them all
into one file and then I'll print them out to put in Kristina's memory



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