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Re: [IP] one year anniversary

I also had a strong grief reaction when I was diagnosed (well past

But in the final analysis, better to have your child on insulin than to
have him dead! And better to endure the shots (or set changes) and
fingersticks and mental awareness of eating than to feel icky all the

I know diabetes is very hard on all the families with little ones, but
every time I think of them, I'm so very grateful that they CAN be kept
alive and happy and playing, even if the playing has to be interrupted
for a fingerstick or set change!

When we give birth to a child, we don't know what is in store for that
child. And all we can do is our best, no matter what happens. And no
matter who you are, sometimes the worst happens. 

So, no, no one can guarantee that the little ones won't have
complications in the future (although I think they have a far better
chance than those born and diagnosed 40 or 50 years ago!), but no one
can guarantee anything about life for ANYONE.

To ALL parents, I would say, enjoy your children while you have them,
and enjoy them just as they are -- you can't change history, nor can you
predict the future, so all you have is NOW. Worry and regret won't
change anything; they'll just ruin your pleasure NOW. 

Smiles and hugs, 
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