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Re: [IP] Will my child die from diabetes? REPLY really long.

	Here's what I tell people about diabetes: If you gotta have a
chronic, potentially fatal disease these days, this is the one to have. I
was diagnosed 14 yeara ago at age 30. Humulin was brand new. I used an Ames
Glucometer with the fat strips.  I gave myself 2 injections a day of R and
	Since then, I've scuba dived in the Red Sea, skiied down Copper
Mountain and worked an irregular and stressful schedule as a reporter for
what, as the old Superman shows used to say, is a major metropolitan
newspaper.  I now use the Elite that takes soooo little blood (although I
resisted for a while because I didn't want to lose the ability to
sight-read the strip in case the machine broke), mix R, U and Humalog as
needed and follow the news seemingly daily of some other advance in the
understanding or treatment of diabetes.
	I'm about to go on the pump  (maybe as soon as Dec. 21. Yay!)
because I find that my other unrelated health problems and the advance of
pump technology seem to have converged at about the right time. (Prednisone
and injections don't mix easily. I'm looking forward to being able to reset
my basals with the touch of a button...)
	A person with diabetes can do absolutely anything someone without
can. Except be completely spontaneous. Which is not all bad. If I had a
choice, I'd wouldn't have asked for diabetes. But there are far worse
	Your child will die of something. That's just a fact. But given the
current state of medical science, it is increasingly unlikely it will be
diabetes. Hey, there are so many other great things you can angst about as
a parent, don't waste much time on this one...1:-{)>

Jeffrey Weiss
email @ redacted
Dallas, TX

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