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Re: [IP] Will my child die from diabetes? REPLY really long.

Dear Laura:
I have had the big D since 1965, and in those days you tested your control 
via urine testing and only gave one shot a day. So much has been learned 
about it since then and HBGM (home blood glucose monitoring) has dramatically 
changed how well your daughters BGs can be controlled. Don't pay close 
attention to all the horror stories of diabetes listen but do not take that 
as gospel. Pay very close attention to all the current treatments that are 
available, learn all you can, from medical libraries, CDE,s MD,s and research 
articles. You may want to join the ADA professional section and get a monthly 
update on the latest treatments in the medical community. Knowledge is the 
best weapon in the battle with diabetes. Your daughter should be able to live 
a very long & happy life and diabetes should not stop her from doing 
anything. The hardest lesson to learn is that diabetes, like life is a 
balancing act and putting your priorities in order for that particular moment 
in time is something that comes with experience. Also keep in mind that 
children are very resilient and what seems like a terror to you may just be a 
way of life for your daughter. (shots testing ect.) Since the age of 5 they 
said I would be blind, limbless and probably not live past 20. I am now close 
to 40 with a family and a full active life,and no complications which I owe 
to  GOOD CONTROL, GOOD GENES and GOOD LUCK. ( not necessarily in that order) 
Take good care, enjoy life keep your daughter happy!!!  BRAD pumper 10years,
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