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[IP] Airport Security: A Laugh

A year ago I was flying out of Baltimore to SF. There were two security guards at the security gate. I went through the gate and my large metal belt buckle and a single car key in my pocket set off the metal detector..  "Step to the side".  This security man was the most surly, gruffest guard I have ever experienced going tjrough a lot of airports.  The key and buckle were easily passed. But then he saw my pump on my belt.  "What's that?"  "An Insulin pump."  "What's it do?"  " It pumps insulin into my body on a continues basis." "Where's that  wire go? " He saw the tubing from the pump going under my shirt.  I opened the pump back to show him the reservoir with the insulin. "Is that a shot thing?"  "No this the reservvoir to hold the insulin that goes into my body all the time instead of me having to take shots of insulin.  Hay, let's call your supervisor and let me talk to him."  "No. That's all. You can go on through".
My wife greets me at the gate.  I found these post cards and  they need to be postmarked from here.  The mail box is out side at the curb where the bus let us off.  Out I go past Security. Then back to the Security Gate.  My belt buckle sets off the alarm again. I try to go for the guard that has just passed me through.  The other Guard "NO, NO come over here."   "It's my belt buckle that off the alarm and I am a diabetic and this is an insulin pump on my belt."   "OH, So am I.'  He pulled his coat back to show his pump on his belt."  What model is your pump?  Mine is a MiniMed 506.  Oh You have that new MiniMed the  507.  Aren't they great !"  As I rushed off to get my plane I said  "Maybe sometime you could talk a little more to that other guard about insulin pumps and diabetes"
Charles  S...   DM 46+ years           pumping 3