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[IP] Re: how low can you go?

Colleen - have you calibrated your meter?  I don't mean inserting the
plastic doohickey.  I mean testing the calibration with the high and low
solutions that normally come with the meters.  This will tell you if the
machine is ok.  I had real crazy numbers after being n an unairconditioned
cabin during a heat wave - a humid heat wave.  My meter wasn't damaged, but
the strips were useless.  Medi-Sense sent me a new supply when I called for
information and help.

My Accu-check results approximate (within 10 points) my other meters.  Since
I tend to run low, I treat lows regardless what machine I am using.

As for my all time low - in addition to the word "LO" on the meter, I have
been conscious and functioning at 12.  Not mentally alert, but functioning.
Before I had my own meter, I did a fasting blood test (1976), then drove to
McDonalds for breakfast with my daughter.  When I got home, the chief lab
technician called.  He had been calling every 5 minutes for 30 minutes.  My
lab sugar was 16.  That was my last fasting where they let me leave the
hospital before they got the results.

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