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[IP] one year anniversary

I totally understand how you feel as the one year anniversary approaches, 
however it is NOT the image I show Kevin. Now when he gets down and out about 
having diabetes, we show him how far he has come in this last year and how 
blessed he is right now to be healthy and pumping!

In the early months of being newly diagnosed, we made up a menu for him to 
choose what foods he ate each day in an attempt to feel he had choices. It 
was made up of all the appropriate dietary selections for each meal.  I 
printed that the other day and showed it to him and he kissed his pump 
knowing how lucky he is to have all the choices in the world.

I went thru about a 2 month mourning period after Kevin was diagnosed (in 
private or on the computer as it was) and then became proactive. We searched 
for a better way to deal with this disease in a more positive way. That is 
when we found out about pumping. Until a cure comes along, this IS the best 

Oh sure, we have our down moments, when we have to get up 2-3 times a night 
to check on him or site changes interrupt fun time or he has to call me 
because he wants to eat the delicious brownie that all the other kids have 
just plowed into...but then we reflect on our blessings....and thank GOD for 
all we have going for us! Rejoice in the little moments together. I think 
that is one thing that dealing with this disease has done for us as a family. 

So, Kevins 1 year anniversary is next Sunday...Dec. 19th. (also my daughters 
14th Birthday)  He is getting a jar of his favorite candy (butterfinger 
bites) that has a star on it that states "1st anniversary 4 being One Stong 
Kid" and he is getting "Rufus the diabetic bear" (at 50/50 pharmacy).  We 
also plan on going the the 2 children wards at the local hospitals and giving 
"like new" books out.  We want to give back some joy to others instead of 
mourning the day...and that makes us feel good.

I know this is long, and I dont mean to say that my way is the only way...but 
I feel like it is the best way for Kevin and our family to get thru this time 
with a positive outlook. We cant change what has happened, just our attitudes 
towards it.

Mom of Kevin, 11, dx 12/98
pumping since 5/99
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