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Re: [IP] Sensitivity?

email @ redacted wrote (quoting someone else):
> > I am very sensitive to Humalog,  which is what I'm using
> > with the pump.  2 units will lower my glucose by about 100.

> 2 units lowers my bg by at least 100, often
> more, & I've never thought of myself as being overly insulin-sensitive

2 units for 100 mg/dl is the same as 1 unit for 50 mg/dl, and that's a
fairly common figure. I don't think it's extreme insulin sensitivity --
I think it's pretty ordinary for a person who is not insulin-resistant. 

On the other hand, people with insulin-resistance, usually Type 2's,
often get much less than that -- as little as 10 - 25 mg/dl drop per

Children, perhaps because of their higher metabolism and smaller body
size, often get much greater drops, such as 100 mg/dl per ONE unit of

Each person needs to be aware of his/her own sensitivity, and know how
to handle highs -- there is no rule that applies to everyone, all the


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