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[IP] Sensitivity?

  The other concern I have (and
>part of why I test frequently) is that I am very sensitive to Humalog,
>is what I'm using with the pump.  2 units will lower my glucose by about

I'm finally in the process of catching up on several day's backlogged
e-mail, & this statement in a posting caught me by surprise.  I've seen
references to extreme sensitivity to various kinds of insulin before, but
not with numbers mentioned.  2 units lowers my bg by at least 100, often
more, & I've never thought of myself as being overly insulin-sensitive...I
thought that was normal.  Is there any such thing as "normal", anyway?  :)
I guess my question is, is there a specific rate (units->drop) that
designates you as "sensitive"?  And if this is the case, are there
additional things I should be watching out for or keeping an eye on (in all
my spare time!) that I'm not aware of?


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