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Re: [IP] Will my child die from diabetes?

In a message dated 12/10/1999 2:02:26 PM US Mountain Standard Time, 
email @ redacted writes:

<< y god, the thought of her losing a limb or her eyesight... 
 in this day and age does that happen if you have good maintenance?  if you 
 are on the pump and have excellent maintenance?  >>

Yes, those thoughts have always been on my mind too.  I was dx'd at 19 yo, 
I'm 39 now.  I've been through my first laser for eyes and had my share of 
the other complications too.  BUT, THE GOOD NEWS IS . .. nothing has 
progressed any further since I've been pumping the last 4 years (6-7 HgA1c).  
As far as the reasons why I got the complications at all, I had less than 
great, even really bad, control for the first 16 years (10-14 HgA1cs).  I did 
try most of the time, just one of those whose body bounces between 40 and 400 
on MDI.  And every time I was in good control, I was eating so much to keep 
up with the insulin I just gave up, that is until PUMPING.  There is no 
reason why your daughter won't live a normal life span.  Even if a cure is 
long coming, we have so much better tools and information available now.  I'm 
sure you've looked at the DCCT.  Imagine the control we can have with a 
glucowatch.  Even if the first few versions are cumbersome, look at how fast 
technology is advancing, they'll get it right soon.  She's not going to lose 
a limb if you go to the Dr immediately with an ulcer.  The sight is a slow 
progressive thing, no reason problems won't be detected and corrected early.

Yes, its a crappy hand to be dealt, but I'd rather have diabetes than any 
number of other ailments.  I've got my mind and my body is sound as long as I 
take care of it.

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