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[IP] stats on good control for the future

>I know no one can answer this, but what are the stats for a person who gets
>D young in life and has good control. I never want to outlive my
>daughter!  I never want her to suffer, but if she does I want to be there
>for her.  So many mixed emotions...  I want her to live a long life filled
>with happiness.  My god, the thought of her losing a limb or her
>in this day and age does that happen if you have good maintenance?  if you
>are on the pump and have excellent maintenance?
>Laura Lentini-Iaffaldano
>Mother of Laura, age 6, dxed 12/21/98

Laura, Dear,
Your crying is not good for your daughter. She's going to pick up on that
and you are going to give her a message of death. She's probably handling
this situation FAR BETTER than you realize. We kids (in 1950 for me) roll
with the punches. You are mature and know information that her young self
cannot comprehend. Let her be a child with a smiling mom. That is sooooo
important. My mom's attitude was always peppered with *if something happens
to you.* It was a death sentence in my mind.
    A lady recently asked me how I felt about DM when I was diagnosed. I
didn't know a thing about it; had no counselling and didn't even meet
another young person with it for the next 5 years when I was 16 and he 12. I
remember sitting in 6th grade music and tears dropping on my desk because of
the happy song we were singing about *Down in Mexico it's sunny, days are
warm and full of honey, children laugh and play together, in the warm and
happy weather.* I had tears because I KNEW I could never again laugh and
play. I was doomed.
    The best gift for you to give your daughter immediately is a cheerful,
positive mom. One who is truly rejoicing that she'll soon be pumping. It's
sad she has to have this disease -- it's sad for all of us. Your daughter
could be non-diabetic and develop brain cancer or be hit by a vehicle and it
could be all over or a paraplegic. NO ONE plans to bury their children.
    As far as this day and age wondering if good control avoiding the
complications you mentioned: the twins were dx'd in 1935 at 6 & 6.5, I was
dx'd in 1950 at 11, another lady I know has had it 59 yrs. None of us has
lost a limb or our eyesight (I did temporarily 2.5 yrs ago for 8 months).
BUT, we had only ONE shot a day with testing involving peeing on a strip or
in a cup to boil in a tube to find out the amount of sugar that was in our
blood 3-4 hours prior, and that even depended on the individual's renal
threshold. One BG was taken at our 3-month dr. visit. We had very little
compared to today's equipment and technology. If we are as well off today
with that care -- I'm going to predict your daughter will be much better off
by pumping and self BGs in 50 years.
    YOU MUST CONVEY HOPE NOW, though. Forgive me for yelling. But, Dear
Laura, your daughter IS picking up vibes from you. Merry Christmas and Happy
New Year.
    Jan (60 y/o, dx'd 11/5/50, pumping 8/23/83)

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