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Re: [IP] back to normal, and site probs

> Hi all, don't know if any of you remember all the weird problems I
> was having with high bgs and basal rates a few weeks ago, but they
> have suddenly disappeared! I had raised my basals from .4 to .7 and
> they've been at .7 for almost a month now.  Then, the other day I
> started having lows all the time: I was in the 50s the entire day no
> matter what, so the next day I lowered rates to .6 and the same
> thing! Now today I am on .5 and my numbers have been running in the
> 70s so I think I'll change it back to .4 tomorow and see what
> happens . 
Expect to see this pattern for some time. You are still growing and 
will do so for several more years -- might be something else anyway. 
Lily has the same thing happen every few months. She's 16.

> So I guess 6 days about does it.  Is there
> anything wrong with pushing a site to the limit like that? I mean
> does it hinder absorbance if you use the sight again? 

The longer you leave the site in place, the more damage is done to 
the tissue. Damaged tissue is "ripe" for infection, so you are taking 
a risk. More time, more risk.
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