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[IP] BC/BS 'Participating Providers'

I have Trigon Blue Cross/ Blue Shield insurance (we live in KY but the 
company is in VA).  I just wondered if anyone is out there who has Trigon 
goes directly through the pump company for supplies.  We went through a home 
infusion company as directed and didn't have any problem at first.  We got 
the supplies without problem, but the company has sent two erroneous bills 
(out of two orders) and I am frustrated with them.  The second time I ordered 
two cases for Josh and requested they be billed to insurance with the rest of 
the supplies and if insurance refused I would pay.  They agreed, then not 
only didn't bill insurance, but billed me for nearly three times the cost of 
the cases!  When I called to straighten it out and told the woman I had a 
price list, she (with an attitude) asked where I got the price list.  I told 
her it came with the pump.  She is supposed to get back to me, but I think I 
would really like to go through Disetronic directly.  I have to use a 
participating provider.  Any suggestions?  Thanks
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