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[IP] back to normal, and site probs

Hi all, don't know if any of you remember all the weird problems I was 
having with high bgs and basal rates a few weeks ago, but they have suddenly 
disappeared! I had raised my basals from .4 to .7 and they've been at .7 for 
almost a month now.  Then, the other day I started having lows all the time: 
I was in the 50s the entire day no matter what, so the next day I lowered 
rates to .6 and the same thing! Now today I am on .5 and my numbers have 
been running in the 70s so I think I'll change it back to .4 tomorow and see 
what happens . . .diabetes is so strange sometimes! but, I'm glad that my 
insulin needs are less and that my numbers have been good: I haven't been 
above 150 since Thanksgiving, except for one day when I had a site problem.
	Speaking of site problems:  I tried a "supersite" to see how long it would 
absorb for and my numbers started creeping up on the 7th day, other than 
that, no problems.  So I guess 6 days about does it.  Is there anything 
wrong with pushing a site to the limit like that? I mean does it hinder 
absorbance if you use the sight again?  Also, yesterday I had two no 
delivery alarms with my sil! I disonnected and checked the tubing twice and 
no problems . . .turns out that the tubing was getting crimped in my 
waistband! and then this morning when I changed the site, there was a little 
red circle where the plastic part of the sil ends, and it was bleeding! 
because it had been pressed into my stomach while I was sleeping! grrr . . . 
.I've had to stop using sof sets for some reason because the last three have 
started getting red and hot and stopped absorbing after two days! I don't 
know why but the sils are working fine . . .. .

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