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[IP] Our Miracle

To all our friends and family,

I just wanted to write and tell you our latest news...

The day before Thanksgiving was a hectic day!  The kids were getting
ready to stay with their dad while I was away at my family's for the
holiday.  It was such a busy day, lots of last minute errands to run.
But we were expecting a package...  We got home from errands that were
done in a hurry and found the Fed Ex man had been there and gone!  I
hurried to call them and explained how important it was that we got that

box TODAY!!  And several hours later, the man returned, with a plain
white box!  I was so grateful, to the point of tears and I went on and
on to him how wonderful this box was, that it had taken a full two years

to get here.  Of course, he wasn't so appreciative... he'd had to come
all the way back and I was lucky he didn't have any afternoon deliveries

as he did yesterday.  I thanked him again and again and he finally left,

probably grateful to get away from that over exuberant woman!

I took my precious cargo into the house and announced loudly, HAPPY
THANKSGIVING, till my voice choked up and the rest of what I wanted to
say caught in my throat!  The kids came running, we all gathered around
as I set the box carefully on a kitchen chair.  Christmas had come early

to our house and we couldn't wait to open the box.  10 hands helped as I

opened the box, hands started digging, oooohing and aaaahing over every
mysterious smaller box they pulled out!  "What's this?  What's this
Mommy?" I heard!  We finally discovered the box that held our treasure,
what we had been waiting for and praying for for so long...  a small
blue MiniMed 508!

The cheers were priceless, the excitement high!  I couldn't believe how
small it was, how something so small was the object of our desire for 2
years!  How incredible that such a small thing could change our lives so

much!  It represented health and freedom and hope for the future.  So
much for such a small thing!   After exploring all of the contents of
the box, we returned everything into it and set it aside!  We finished
all our preparations for the long weekend.  Kristina wanted to take the
pump with her... so did I!  We ended up leaving it at home, waiting till

the next week to play with it some more!  I phoned the doctor's office
excitedly and we set a start date!

Somehow, after that, we were constantly busy...  With Thanksgiving and
going back to school the next week and getting back into our routine
after a whole week off.  Another phone call came through double checking

our training date and moving our actually "start" date back alittle.  We

ran into a problem with insurance, since Daryl's insurance would be
changing on Dec 1st.  Within a day or 2, that was solved and we worked
it all out and had a plan!  We finally had time to sit down and watch
the video and play with the buttons.  It was all so familiar after the
many hours I'd studied about it over time.  I gave it to Kristina to
play with, who found her way around buttons and through menus!  The
night before our 4 hour training session, she slept with it.  She also
discovered the thigh pack was so long that it made a fantastic "fanny
pack"!  Since she's been wearing a fanny pack to school, this was going
to be a breeze!  In the morning, she decided to name it "Pumpie"....
and....  IT'S A GIRL!  LOL

Today, Dec 10, was the big day!  I guess all this time, since we'd had
the pump in our posession, some of the excitement had waned!  It seemed
unbelievable...  it didn't seem real, even though I held it in my hands
and knew how to work it.  After so much waiting and so much frustration
and disappointment, it was hard to trust what was happening.  Today we
went to the doc's clinic as usual... like any other appointment... we
met the reps and started going through the steps to taking care of the
pump and working it.  It almost felt like another test of mine and
Kristina's knowledge... most of it, we already knew so well.

And then it was time... Kristina recognized the moment before I did... I

didn't want to or I would have gotten nervous... It was time to insert
the Micro Sof Set!  I was carefully instructed, I practiced in a small
rubber "eraser", prepared Kristina's tummy for the small needle, and
then......  I put the automatic inserter against her tummy, counted to 3

and pushed the button!!  It went in... just like that... it pierced my
baby's tummy and it was in!  "I did it!!" I cheered and looked up at
her!  And there was that moment... with tears in our eyes, we both
realized that our lives had just changed!  With the snap of that button,

a miracle had happened!  Kristina was pumping!!  After 2 years of tears
and frustration, perseverance and hope, we had accomplished our goal!
That very moment, I knew this was real and how very different our lives
would be from now on!

It passed quickly as the rep reminded me to hold the wings down and take

the inserter off the needle!  I finished with layers of tape and
then...  we were done and Kristina was an official pumper!   We are only

pumping saline for now and in 10 days, we'll start her on insulin.  I
was given strict instructions to phone everyday and we'd go through
drills of "what ifs" and alarms and I am to change the set every 72
hours till I get good at it!   I was also warned that once we start
insulin, I'd be getting very little sleep at night...  I happily agreed
to it all!  You just don't turn down a miracle!!

On our way home, I treated Kristina to lunch at McDonalds and we sat and

talked about it all.  She told me how proud of herself she was because
she had been very afraid the insertion would hurt!  Over and over, she
commented how proud of herself she was.  I was extremely proud of her
also!   She'd set a goal and now she'd accomplished it!  We remembered
how many tears we'd shed over it all.  It was such a long road...  But
now here we are!!  PUMPING!!!  To me, it is a miracle in our lives...
the Lord has blessed us... has blessed HER!  He has always watched over
her and taken care of her!  I envision a loving Father with a soft look
in His eyes when He looks down on Kristina.  She is so special and
deserves this pump!

I am so proud of Kristina!  She fills my heart with joy, as do my other
children.  She is  an example to me of perseverance and patience!  If I
had half of her patience, I would be a better mother!  I would like to
thank all of you who have listened and read about all my trials over
this!  You have supported me and given me precious bits of wisdom and
advice!  You are the best group of online friends and family anyone
could ever ask for!  Thank you all so much!  :-)

I love you Kristina!  Today, I am bursting with pride, love and
admiration for you!



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