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[IP] some thoughts for you, laura, and some smiles

	Hello Laura, I've been reading your posts on IP about your daughter and her 
one year diagnosis, as well as your fears about her health as she grows up 
with diabetes.  Well, I just wanted to write to you and maybe offer some 
support . . .I don't really know if it will help but sometimes just knowing 
that other people have the same fears helps.  By the way, my name is Gianna 
and I'm 17. I don't know if you have seen some of my other posts on the 
list, but I was diagnosed on May 12, 1999 and started pumping on Sept. 7, 
1999.  I'm so happy that Laura will get to start pumping soon!  Let me tell 
you one thing: she has a much much much better chance of living a long and 
most importantly HEALTHY life because she is getting a pump so soon after 
diagnosis!  When I was dx'd, it was a complete shock and I spent two months 
in complete and utter depression- I never knew anything about diabetes and 
all of a sudden I was bombarded on all sides with horrible statistics about 
complications and such.  But these statistics are compiled from many many 
people who've had diabetes for a long time - since the "dark ages" of 
control.  In several years, maybe the stats will start to reflect today's 
technology a bit more.  			When I found out about pumping, it was as if 
someone had given me the secret tool to get my life back - i know it isn't a 
cure, but it sure seems close sometimes.  Granted, I'm pretty much done 
growing and my bgs are easier to control (probably) than your daughters will 
be for awhile, but my blood sugars haven't been above about 115 mg/dl for 
about two weeks now! I've had some periods of a few days where things are 
high for no apparent reason, and I guess I've learned to accept it as part 
of this disease.  But I think of it as; if you don't smoke, you don't spend 
your time worrying that you might die from lung cancer.  Could it happen? 
sure.  Likewise, could you suffer from compications if you have excellent 
control? yes, you might, but if you're doing everything you can to avoid it, 
then try not to worry too much.  I spent two months worrying and worrying 
and being afraid - and not enjoying life at all.
	On the bright side, diabetes has truly made me a nicer person.  People who 
grow up having to deal with stuff like this are kinder, more compassionate 
people and just great people to be around (usually!)  Hopefully, your 
daughter will get some of this aspect of D as well!  I know my mother was 
devastated and cried for days and days and days when I was dx'd.  She told 
me that she couldn't even stand to listen to the doctor explain about 
insulin and stuff because she didn't want to accept that I had to know any 
of it.  So it is very hard, especially when it happens to your kid.  I don't 
know if you've experienced the "guilt factor" but my mother has.  She 
constantly talked about how she wished she'd have known, what if she could 
have done something, what if what if.  For me, this was very difficult to 
hear because the fact was, she couldn't do anything.  It made me feel worse 
to know that she felt bad.  Anyway, I guess I'm writing all of this just so 
you know that you aren't the only one to feel as you do.  and so that you 
know that your daughter is going to have a great life, no matter if she has 
D or not!  I've met so many wonderful people in the 6 short months I've 
lived with this disease.  I wouldn't give them up . . by the way I think 
it's a great idea to visit the hospital! Maybe I'll try to do something like 
that around here, since the doctors at my hospital sure didn't have time to 
pay attention to the emotional needs of their patients.  :(  Best wishes to 
you for your pump start and a merry merry christmas!! smiles and {{{hugs}}}


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