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[IP] Re:Will my child die from diabetes?

I think the jury is still out.  People haven't had the ability to control
and test long enough to know.  Also they haven't had the encouragement to be
aggressive about control for that many years.  My take is that the out come
will be much better than we see for people that have already had this
condition for 40-70 yrs.  

My cousin that has it (42 yrs) and has  not been intense about control has
no complications.  Well, some scarring on her legs from injections.  Others
have better control and less success.  

So, there is evidence that tighter is better.  I am going for tighter.  

I hope that the data on diabetes and death is heavily weighted to the type
two, older persons.  You know the 85 yr old that gets heart disease and has
type two gets labeled as going from diabetes.

It isn't how we die that matters it is how we lived.  Keep your head up,
enjoy the sunshine, be productive and kind.  I am not sure there is any
higher goal.  

Curtis Lomax

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