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<<What you need to realize is that people do live long healthy lives and die 
of other reasons then diabetes complications.  With all the ace inhibitor 
drugs, laser surgery, etc. available now, the other complications can be 
caught earlier and treated more successfully.  What most of us are talking 
about, are what we were being told 20-30-50 years ago.  Where people assumed 
the complications were a given.>>

My mother had DM (Type 2) diagnosed at age 35 and had 40 years additional 
life doing the best she could with the information she had that was available 
at the time. When I taught her about the pump and how it worked, she said, 
"How wonderful to have something to make life with DM easier. I wish I could 
use one." 
My point is: It takes a long time to convince people about new tools, and it 
often takes much longer to dispel the myths of past (or truth, before new 
drugs, new technology, and better management techniques became available).  A 
lot of people have lived long lives without the benefit of new info. Isn't 
that a blessing?!. 

Barbara B. 
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