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[IP] Switched to softset canula

I recently switched from siloettes to the softset canula.  I originally
liked the control I had with siloettes but I only felt comfortable
insterting it in the front of my stomach, I am not super thin but when I
tried to pinch up some flab on my side and back it felt 'harder'.  I was
worried it was muscles and couldn't bring myself to insert it there.

So I switched.  But...when I take the softsets out about a mm of insulin
leaks out of the hole and some blood.  This didn't really happen with
the sils.  I know its not a big deal but I was wondering if anyone could
think of reasons why it would do that.  The only thing really different
is that the softsets go straight in while the sils get inserted at a 40
degree angle.

Inquiring minds would like to know.  :)
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