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[IP] RE: freaking out

To: Freaking Out!
Lordy, I am sending much compassion to you and your son. 
#1 today -  You hired the Endo, fire him immediately!   
#2 Call a doctor on the Insulin Pumpers Referral listing, or call Minimed for the name of a supportive Endo in your area.
#3 Read "Pumping Insulin", read it with your son, (wonder if your son would read it to your ex?).   
#4 Encourage and support your son in his efforts.  Tell him we all support his efforts to keep pumping.   
#5 Ask your new endo if he might have a family education session with your ex and your son?  Never hurts to ask and might help.  
Hang in there, we are with you!   
Bonnie Richardson 

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