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[IP] gaga kids/Linda V

Now a question for the rest of you: Do any of your kids go gaga when
testing? If Liz has a good supply of blood coming out of her finger she
will make multiple little puddles of blood on the other parts of the test
strip (she's very creative anyway and apparently has chosen to extend her
media:)  It's rather gross to me but it sure does make light of the blood
glucose testing procedure.

Linda V.
Oh no, I am in trouble now.  Am I still considered a kid at age 35?  :) and
If I get a "gusher" when I poke my finger, it squirts all over the place,
usually ends up on my face and lap, its squirted so far.  So at one time (or
more often)  I get a Kleenex and write my name with the blood as it spurts
out!!  I can't help it, it makes me laugh my --- off.  It just seems to be a
fringe benefit of being diabetic, writing my name with blood in a Kleenex.
Call me weird, but I am a normal person otherwise I think, , just a weird
one.  <vbbg>

Lori A. Willey
First Express Inc.
email @ redacted

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