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RE: [IP] Another Guilt - of being alive

This is a great post Sam.


> It is not our faults that someone else died due to diabetes. We share 
> neither their genes nor their lifestyle. Nothing we have done has 
> influenced the death of the other person. The cruel fact is, 
> that life is 
> inherently unfair and there is nothing that any of us can do 
> about that.
> Virtually of us who are alive now, have peers who are no 
> longer with us for 
> a wide variety of reasons. I cannot feel guilty because I've 
> made it this 
> far and they didn't. At age 57, I have lived longer than my father a 
> grandfather and one of my uncles (who were all non-diabetic). 
> I have school 
> classmates that have died in Vietnam, have succumbed to cancer and 
> accidents. That's life and the luck of the draw... and, in 
> fact, that's the 
> very reason why we celebrate those of us that have made it 
> past certain 
> milestones.
> Sam

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