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[IP] Re: Tricare - again

Write/call/fax the local Tricare appeals office and explain your
When I had my last baby (#7) and wanted another homebirth (which
is a covered benefit) the Naval Hospital OB's absolutely
*refused* to give me the required authorization that I needed to
go see a homebirth midwife. The Tricare reps and patient rep at
our hospital (who could NOT convince the hospital CO and OB's
that it was indeed a covered benefit) had me write to the local
appeals office explaining the situation - that I had tried in
good faith to go the "correct" route to receive authorization for
a covered benefit but I was being denied not by Tricare but by
the physicians and hospital CO. I faxed the letter to them and a
couple of days later they called and gave me my authorization
number!!! They not only covered the homebirth 100% (I was
originally going to pay $25 total under Tricare Prime - whoopee)
but also gave me a non-availability statement allowing me to go
to the local civilian hospital if I needed to transport in labor
so that it would also be 100% covered (the Naval Hospital OB's
told me they would refuse to take me if I went there and that
they would send me to the civilian hospital, creating a financial
hardship because I would have had to pay everything out of pocket
there - not cheap if I were to need a csec. I didn't transport,
btw.) It is extremely difficult to get NAS's anymore, but
especially for maternity so this was like a miracle in my eyes. 
I know this is not diabetes related but I thought maybe telling
you my own recent experience (baby is 9mos) might help.
Please call the Tricare or Health Benefits Advisor office where
you live ASAP and get the local Tricare appeals address and
phone/fax number!!! They will help you!!! And if that doesn't get
results, go to the next level...the main office in CO! That was
going to be my next step but I didn't need to go that high.
Let me know if I can help. 

Take care, Kerri 
Alulitsuti (Ah-loo-lee-joo-tea, mother of many children)
"Strive to be a person who is never absent from an important
act." - Osage proverb
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