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Re: [IP] Another Guilt - of being alive

At 09:27 AM 12/10/1999  jan hughey wrote:
 >When the identical twins received the Joslin 50-year bronze medals in 1985
 >for living with diabetes, a write-up was done in the newspaper. One of them
 >received a call from an irate bereaved girlfriend who had lost her boyfriend
 >to diabetes. "How dare you celebrate 50 years when he didn't make it!" she
 >moaned. Well, I am planning my 50th Anniversary Bash for 11/4/00 and have
 >mentally prepared myself for a similar attacker. When people marry, they
 >expect it to last for a long, long time. Some marriages end early in divorce
 >or death. Those that make it to 50 years have a celebration. If I'm warm and
 >breathing next November, I'm celebrating life. We cannot help others'
 >circumstances - nor sometimes our own.

It is not our faults that someone else died due to diabetes. We share 
neither their genes nor their lifestyle. Nothing we have done has 
influenced the death of the other person. The cruel fact is, that life is 
inherently unfair and there is nothing that any of us can do about that.

Virtually of us who are alive now, have peers who are no longer with us for 
a wide variety of reasons. I cannot feel guilty because I've made it this 
far and they didn't. At age 57, I have lived longer than my father a 
grandfather and one of my uncles (who were all non-diabetic). I have school 
classmates that have died in Vietnam, have succumbed to cancer and 
accidents. That's life and the luck of the draw... and, in fact, that's the 
very reason why we celebrate those of us that have made it past certain 


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