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Re: [IP] Tricare AGAIN

If your PCM called you to get the information wouldn't that automatically be 
covered from Tricare?  Sounds like you need to contact your PCM to find out 
where the break down in communication is.  This doesn't sound like anything 
you did wrong. Tricare sucks they have all this crud you have to go through 
to get things covered, I think just so there are more ways they will have an 
excuse not to cover anything.  None of the suppliers here will take Tricare 
anymore for pump supplies, I wonder if it is because these suppliers have to 
fight tooth and nail just to get Tricare to pay.  I swear Tricare finds 
anyway they can to get out of paying for things!  To think this is the 
insurance that the government supplies for Active Duty Dependents, but then 
again we are talking about the government!  Hope you get it straightened out!
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