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[IP] GUILT - Laura & Shane

From: Laura Arns <email @ redacted>
Subject: [IP] Re: GUILT

Shane also grew up hearing horror stories about what would happen to him
(losing eyes, toes, kidneys, etc.).  He was sure he would never see 30.
Anyway, now that he has starting getting better control he has really turned
I used to keep all the records for him of food, blood sugar, etc because
otherwise it wouldn't get done. Now he does it all himself and seems
happy about it, he doesn't really comlain about testing, and he fully
expects to see his 31st birthday in Jan...

In 1950 I too was led to believe all the horror tales. I picked the ripe old
age of 35 to be dead. I celebrated the entire month of May, '99 when I
turned 60 YEARS OF AGE!! One of the first humans to receive the brown muddy
insulin from Toronto in 1921 was the daughter of the US Sec'y of State,
Elizabeth Hughes. She died of a heart attack at 87. I am trying to check her
actual age at dx. The years don't add up to her being a child. I have the
video Glory Enough for All about the discovery of insulin and Drs. Banting &
Best. They show Elizabeth as a young girl, but if she died at 87 then if she
were 10 in 1921 she would have died last year and the movie is much older
than that. Any sleuths out there who can direct me to a site?

I'm confused at what they did/do to us kids with statistics dating that far
back. Identical twins living in my vicinity who got T-1 at 6 & 6.5 in 1935
are still going strong. Education is the key.
Jan - pumping since 8/23/83

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