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Re: [IP] how low can you go?

Fennessy, Colleen J CHPPM wrote:
>  Last night the complete read 39 while the dex read 84.  Huge
> difference.    My doctor's office has had other patients complain that the
> complete reads low.  I don't know if i got a bad complete, bad strips, or
> have been hitting the 15% error rate a lot lately, but i've decided to go
> back to the dex for one big reason-my last HbA1C was 5.2.  Maybe the dex
> reads high, but if so i'm accustomed to it and am afraid that switching to a
> lower-reading meter might mean i'll be running higher.

I did side-by-side testing of the Dex with the Elite and the Complete,
and the Dex was all over the place,  while the Elite and the Complete
were pretty comparable. 

But in the final analysis, I think you should use whatever you're most
comfortable with -- you get to know the vagaries of your own body with
your own machine.

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