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Re: [IP] Freaking out, please help!

My heart goes out to you! How distressing! First of all I would suggest a 
few things; Call the endo and talk to him on the telephone about the 
situation and try to find out why he suggested your son not continue on the 
pump, maybe the info he was given was misleading if your ex does not want 
him on the pump. Then you can better know what happened at the 
appointment...it is also possible that your ex misunderstood him. I suggest 
you do this before 'firing' him and trying to get another one. Was your endo 
supportive in the first place? It seems strange if he was that he would turn 
around and say such things. Speak your mind to him...you are your child's 
advocate and he is not 'God'. Also, before the next endo appointment get his 
bloodsugar and A1C done about a week before so you can discuss the situation 
easily..it also gives you some ammo to deal with the doc and the ex and 
their apprehension.
I have also been in a similiar situation with an 'ex'. Although it can be 
difficult for you, it would be wise to attend these endo appointments with 
your 'ex' as you both share the raising of your child. If possible, try to 
discuss your concerns about your son with his father before seeing the endo. 
Is it possible that when your child is with your ex, the ex is not seeing 
the benefits because of his lack of knowledge of pump therapy? When your 
child is with you, you know things are better...so your endo is only getting 
half the story about your child's control.
A new Endo sounds like a good idea if the report of what went on is 
accurate....Keep us posted!

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