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Re: [IP] Laura's 1st Anniversary....

I remember all too well the first anniversary of Stephanie's diagnosis and
empathize with what you're feeling. Steph's now 10 and her 6th anniversary
is Jan. 27. I, too was sad as the first anniversary approached, but
Stephanie asked to have an celebratory anniversary dinner to mark the
occasion. At first I felt the irony of celebrating would be too sad (from my
perspective), but she felt she had a lot to celebrate....having overcome
needing to be pinned by two adults for every injection, crying for 20
minutes over every finger poke, etc. As  our family thought about it, we
decided we'd all learned alot (not that anyone would have chosen a situation
like this to have to learn how to deal with) and had made great strides in
that first year. Now every Jan. 27 we have a special anniversary dinner.

The point is...recognize the day in whatever form or fashion feels right for
your situation, but remember how well you've done, and give yourself a pat
on the back for being such a wonderful advocate for your daughter.

Betsy, mom of 10 yo Stephanie, pumping since 3/98

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