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RE: [IP] how low can you go?

	Thanks so much to all who responded for the insights and
suggestions.  They were very much appreciated.  I have just ordered "Pumping
Insulin".  If i'd subscribed to this list earlier i'd have read it long
before i actually started pumping.  I am so glad i found a list with so many
kind, well-informed contributors when i did.  I only wish my parents had had
such a great resource when they were dealing with a 4-year-old who refused
to eat and hid at shot time:)
	In case this might benefit someone else using the accuchek complete
(the IP stats page shows that many members use it), i have a little more
info on my comparison between readings from my accucheck complete and bayer
dex.  Last night the complete read 39 while the dex read 84.  Huge
difference.    My doctor's office has had other patients complain that the
complete reads low.  I don't know if i got a bad complete, bad strips, or
have been hitting the 15% error rate a lot lately, but i've decided to go
back to the dex for one big reason-my last HbA1C was 5.2.  Maybe the dex
reads high, but if so i'm accustomed to it and am afraid that switching to a
lower-reading meter might mean i'll be running higher.  
Thanks again :) colleen

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Subject: RE: [IP] how low can you go?

	I'll apologize in advance for the griping, but along the lines of
this thread...when i woke up this morning my bg was 19.  25 minutes and .5 c
OJ later it was 36.  After another 25 min, 4 dextrose tabs, and vomiting
episode, it was up to 56.   I felt horrible - nauseated, headache, dizzy.
When i checked at 10 am, my bg was up to 300!  I haven't felt this
out-of-control since i was a child.  I've been low just about every morning
since i started pumping last week, and the couple of times i've slept thru'
my 3 am alarm it's been dangerously low by morning.  Obviously my basal
should be lower at night.  I'm taking 0.6/hr, and yesterday my dr. approved
dropping it to .5/hr for 12-5 am.  After a horrible morning, i'm thinking
about reducing it again to .4 for 12-5.  My minimed educator told me that i
can't adjust my basals w/o my dr.s approval.  I'm not getting very quick
feedback from her, though.  Can i get some feedback from the list on
self-adjusting your basals?
	I should also mention that these bg's were from an accu-chek
complete.  I received the complete monday as a freebie and decided to use it
because my dr.s office prefers it.  I've done about 6 simultaneous tests
using the complete and my dex and noticed that the complete readings have
been significantly lower than my dex.  I first decided to do a comparison
tuesday when my a.m. reading was 25 and i felt OK.  When i used my dex it
said 56.  Needless to say i didn't retest my 19 this morning.  I know that
because the dex approximates plasma bg and the complete whole blood, the dex
tends to run higher, but this much higher?  I'm used to the dex readings
now, and had an elite before that, which i think also approximates plasma.
I don't want to be treating lows when my complete says 70, and i'm really
more like 90.  Has anyone had a similar experience with the complete?  Which
are the 'real' numbers?
	In the last 7 days, i've also experienced a 'gusher',
wing-irritation, 2 accidental set removals, and my pump is still ticking
like a clock every 7 seconds.  These things combined with the 12+ tests i've
been doing every day are wearing on me.  Are my problems typical for
brand-new pumpers?  If things are going to get worse than this i might go
back to MDI!
Sorry again for the complaining.  Thanks for your input :)
pumping for 7 days

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From: Joanne Spotten [mailto:email @ redacted]
Sent: Tuesday, December 07, 1999 11:54 PM
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Subject: Re: [IP] how low can you go?

Julie Britt wrote:

> Just another curiosity question here...what's the lowest you've ever been
> while still conscious?

Pre-pump I was as low as 23 (felt fine until I saw how low my bgs were

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send a DONATION http://www.Insulin-Pumpers.org/donate.shtml
for HELP or to subscribe/unsubscribe, contact: HELP@insulin-pumpers.org
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