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Re: [IP] First Square Wave Bolus

> > How do you figure out how to do a sq.wave bolus and for what kind of
> meals. I
> > heard pizza is a killer, but we haven't tried it yet and on other fatty
> foods.
> hi linda,
> geneva, age ten,  has been using a different approach to the sq.
> wave as we have a MM and don't like the fact that when in "SW" mode,
> she can't eat something again without completely suspending the
> whole operation and bolusing for that food item and then resetting
> the "SW". What she does instead is this:
> 1.  boluses for the amount of food eaten
> 2.  sets a temporary basal for three hours at 0.2 higher than her
> normal basal at that period of time

Lily used to have a 506 and the only way to do this was with a temp 
basal rate. She just spread the required bolus over 2 1/2 to 3 hours 
with a high temp rate. Worked fine. The advantage, even with the new 
pumps that have a sq feature is that you don't lock the pump up 
delivering the sq bolus for a long period of time. With a temp rate, 
you can still bolus for other "grazing" items or easily re-set the 

There is a HOWTO on the subject at:

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