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Re: [IP] adding more blood to test strip

Well, it is something to worry about, since it will not generally lead to
erroneously low results.  I also occasionally do it, but only in the first
few sec.  The meter measures the end product of a chemical reaction that
needs a precise time.  If you use too little blood or add blood late (so
the reaction time is too short) then the reading will be in error.  Of
course like everything else, the amount of error depends on many factors,
the meter, how much of a delay, how much extra blood is needed, temp, etc.
If there's any doubt, it is probably worth the investment in another strip.
With the Elite it's  easy to know if you've got too little, since there is
that nice visible square to look at on the strip.  With most others, you
cant' tell if you have enough blood.  The Fasttake is especially bad in
this regard, since it will start counting down with very little blood, and
then give a very low reading.

<<<<<<<<Don't worry about it Ruth, I do this every now and then when my
meter is
acting "stubborn."  I just received a new Precision Q.I.D. glucometer and it
is harder to put blood on it than with my glucometer elite.  I usually just
suggest trying to get as much blood as you can on the first try because some
meters won't give you a second chance like my glucometer elite, which would
mean putting in a new test strip and starting all over.  Hope I haven't been
too long winded?
> I keep forgetting to ask everyone if they ever add more blood to the test
> strip/meter while it is counting down?
> geneva says she learned at diabetes camp to do this if there isn't enough
> blood on her "one touch" ....
> I know that the spec, sheets say no...but I was wondering if anyone ever
> cheated?
> ruth

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