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[IP] Re: [IP} Guilt

Hmmmm after reading these posts, I realize I must be an exception.   I
always expected to live to a ripe old age.   When I was diagnosed, no one
ever told me the diabetes horror stories -- that I could go blind, lose a
leg, suffer kidney loss, or die at a young age.  Don't ever remember being
in denial, I just accepted this was the hand I was dealt and I had to live
with it.  It hasn't been easy, and there are days I hate it, but... I'm
hoping to get a pump next year and maybe things can get even better.  I
remember all the old ways of treating D, and am glad for all the new
discoveries they have made (disposable syringes, glucose meters, pumps,
etc.).  BTW I was 11 when diagnosed in 1962.

Type 1 for 37 years, still hoping to be pumping soon...

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