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Re: [IP] Freaking out, please help!

email @ redacted wrote:
>  No doctor should have the right to threaten you with that 
> type of action. 

I remember when I was first diagnosed and had NO idea what was
happening, not having been given ANY education at all, except how to use
the meter,  I was testing a lot, and asking questions about numbers, and
very nervous about it -- my GP said I was obsessing, and threatened to
take away my meter.

I think these kinds of threats are actually veiled code for "go away
kid, ya bother me". It's a doctor who either doesn't know how, or
doesn't WANT to deal with helping you. 

Over the years, I've come to the attitude that the doctor will know
exactly what I WANT him to know, no more and no less. I no longer ASK
the doctor when I make decisions about my DM management -- I TELL him
what I've done and that's that. 

Even the pump -- my doc was not enthusiastic about it and didn't want to
prescribe one for me -- and then a friend got a new one and gave me his
old one, and I told the doc I was going on the pump (well, not quite
THAT bluntly!), and once he realized I meant it, he cooperated with
getting me my own new one (and I promptly gave the hand-me-down to
someone else!).

I think diabetes HAS to be managed by the patient, and it's in the best
interests of the patient and society itself, to have good information
readily available and in a usable format! 

That's why lists like this one are so valuable -- some docs pooh-pooh
the internet as a source of information, but I've gotten FAR better
information here than from any doc. 

SOME but not all CDEs are also wonderful, but the biggest problem is
getting access to them. The ones who give their valuable professional
time to post and answer questions on the lists are ALSO worth their
weight in gold -- I can't thank them enough!

My motto is that I'm a charter member of DUES -- Diabetic Underground
Education System -- those of us who've been through the wars have paid
our DUES!!!!

Hang in there, kiddo -- you KNOW what's best for your beloved son, and
you'll just jolly well get it!!!!

Smiles and hugs, 

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