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Re: [IP] Re: pharmacys

Even pharmacists can have problems with their pharmacies (when their 
insurance limits them to mail order places and they are not allowed to fill 
rx at their place of employment)  My husband and I are both pharmacists and 
have to deal with a mail order pharmacy that jerks us around every order.  
Although I can tell you that the federal law does limit you to 7 vials of 
Humalog at one time because of the fact that it is so fast acting and the 
potential for suicide attempts, but there is no limit to the number of vials 
in a year.  My pharmacy tried to tell me that the manufacturers recommended 
number of test strips to be used in a day is 1- they tried to tell me that 1 
box of 100 strips and 1 box of lancets would have to last me 90 days.... and 
that is after they were supposed to refill the order from my PCP (which was 
for 400 strips/lancets), and this order came back with my endo's name on it. 
They tried to say that they had called the endo and that the rx was given to 
them over the phone!  I find that hard to believe when the endo specifically 
had me testing 7-9 times a day!!  One time the pharmacy filled an order for 
Novolin prefilled syringes with penfill cartridges (I didn't even have a pen) 
and then wouldn't correct the mistake! The insurance company had to buy me a 
pen just so I could use the insulin!  Every time it takes my husband getting 
on the phone and threats to report them to the State Pharmacy Board- you all 
might want to try that in the future!

Well, I didn't mean to go off like that, but I thought you all would be 
interested in knowing that even pharmacists who have to deal with another 
pharmacy can have major problems too, maybe it will help to know that you're 
not alone!

  aka Mouse
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