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Re: [IP] Testing...How Often is Too Often??

Hi Jennifer,

Anything you have to do to get an HbA1c like yours must be
the right thing!

             HAPPY HOLIDAYS!!!

--- "Jennifer G." <email @ redacted> wrote:
> Hi all!
> I wanted to get the opinion of other people who are using
> the pump.  Do you 
> find that once you went on the pump, your need for blood
> testing increased, 
> decreased or was there no change?  I've been on the pump
> for almost a year 
> now, and have found that I'm testing much more frequently
> than I ever have 
> before.  Part of the problem is that I've had Type 1 for
> over 20 years now 
> and have developed hypoglycemic unawareness.  The other
> concern I have (and 
> part of why I test frequently) is that I am very
> sensitive to Humalog, which 
> is what I'm using with the pump.  2 units will lower my
> glucose by about 
> 100.
> Basically, I test before meals and 1-1.5 hours after
> meals.  If my target 
> sugar after meals is high, I take another dose and test
> 1-1.5 hours after 
> that.  I always test before driving and before and after
> doing any type of 
> planned exercise.  I test again before bedtime and when I
> wake up.  And of 
> course, if I have a low I take 15 grams of carbs and test
> again in 15 
> minutes to check that I'm headed in an upward direction
> :)
> I've heard 5-10 times per day is the norm, but I often
> add up my daily tests 
> and find I've exceeded that range.  My insurance company
> is trying to give 
> me the old "diabetics test 4 times per day" business.  In
> my opinion, that 
> sort of thinking is on par with "diabetics need only take
> two doses of 
> insulin per day."  :P
> So, can anyone give me the benefit of their experience
> and let me know if 
> I'm being excessive?  My endo seems to have no problem
> prescribing me with 
> the strips...it's just the insurance company balking at
> it.
> Last bit of info: my last HbA1C was 6.5.
> Thanks!
> Jennifer

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