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[IP] Freaking out

Hmm One thing for you to remember is that a Dr CAN NOT force you to do 
anything.  You can Refuse a treatment if you don't think it is the best 
interest and the most they can do is refuse to have you as a Pt, But i do 
think they must still refer you or allow med assistance until you find 
another Dr.

Remember the pump does not belong to him it is yours  they are just there 
to supervise.

On the Subject of the A1c  during my first one after my "connection"  went 
up which i was told by my Endo (who is also on the pump) that is normal 
because of the adjustment period may very from person to person.

my thinking is that everyone that wants to try the pump should atleast be 
given 15 years with it before making a decision  haha    but that is just 
my 2 cents..

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