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Re: [IP] Guilt to Leigh


My feelings exactly.  I have always been amazed at people who lack the 
compassion in their hearts to not judge another person's actions.

Several years back, my ex-sister-in-law's mother lost a breast to some sort 
of non cancerous cyst disease.  My mother at the time lost hers to cancer. 
This supposedly intelligent sister in law cornered me and tried to get me to 
agree that her mother's loss was more than my mothers loss since her mother 
was still married and had the body image and mate thing going on more so than 
my mother who was not married.  She got so mad at me when I told her that I 
was not about to make a judgment call on either of their situations since I 
had not experienced it for myself.  I told her that seems that she should 
just try to listen to either of them and be there if they needed her and stop 
trying to compare them.  

All of us have heard at one time or another how "good" or "bad" this other 
person was at some time.  Now I have learned to tone it out because 
apparently they do not have anything to do with their time other than to 
meddle.  Oh this stuff exhausts me!

I am at times angry, tolerant, frustrated, impressed, feel that someone is on 
my side and other times feel guilty about what I have done to "live" my 
diabetes.  This type A personality is having a rough time tonight to say 
"control" my diabetes.  I guess we are all human.  Bravo!

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