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Shane also grew up hearing horror stories about what would happen to him
(losing eyes, toes, kidneys, etc.).  He was sure he would never see 30.
So he figured, "if I'm going to die young I might as well enjoy the time
I've got" (meaning: eat whatever I want, not bother with blood tests,
not waste time with doctors who pick on me...).  He even convinced
himself that no one would want to date or marry him because of this
disease. So he never had any girlfriends (and I know several women who
would've killed to go out with him!). Still don't know how I got lucky
enough to get him to date me!! I feel bad when I think about the damage
that could've been avoided if the people around him when he was young
had known what they were doing to him. They thought they were teaching
him "you have a serious disease to take care of". What he learned: "you
have no chance of having anything resembling a normal life".  Amazingly
it doesn't seem to bother him nearly as much as it does me.  Anyway, now
that he has starting getting better control he has really turned around.
I used to keep all the records for him of food, blood sugar, etc because
otherwise it wouldn't get done. Now he does it all himself and seems
happy about it, he doesn't really comlain about testing, and he fully
expects to see his 31st birthday in Jan...
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