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I remember back in 1970 when I first got sick at 17 yrs old. In the year or 
two that followed I slowly found out about what was in store for me. Which 
would happen first to me ??? lets see, my toes could fall off, my eyes would 
go blind ( especially scared after the nite I was at the Y playing ball with 
my dad & he had a doctor look into my eyes after telling him about my 
diabetes), my world seemed shot. I was dating a girl (who I did marry) & then 
I was scared that I'd never get to see my kids born & after that I feared not 
seeing their Bar Mitzvohs. Well 13 years later I saw that & then I feared not 
seeing them graduate high school. I figured I'd be dead before 40 . Boy, was 
I wrong Well to make a long story short, I kept lousy control for most of my 
first 29 years of being diabetic until  last year when I met my doctor who 
taught me about diabetes ( I didn't even visit any doctors for about 10 to 15 
years ) & he put me on a pump. Anyway , its been almost 30 years , I'm still 
in decent shape & I feel great since pumping began Jan 15,99
I test about 8 or 10 times a day,I have minimal complications, pain in my 
hands & capol tunnel syndrome but I'm strong as an ox. For the first time 
since I got diabetes
I don't worry about all that crap & something else...... THERE ARE A LOT 
WORSE DISEASES that people get so look how lucky we are .
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