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Re: [IP] Freaking out, please help!

PART 2 - I just had another conversation with my ex, and while he refuses to 
become knowledgable and help our son, he expects him, a 12 year old, to go 
this alone.  Doesn't see the illogic in that.  I got my son on the phone (who 
was in tears about being told his pump could be taken and that he was on his 
way to blindness, amputations, etc.) and swore to him that NOBODY was going 
to take his pump unless HE wanted to go back to MDI.  (HE DOES NOT!).  The 
subplot here is that he is compliant, responsible, smart, and in control of 
his numbers when he is at my house and noncompliant, forgetful, has blood 
sugars all over the place, and acts like he doesnt know a thing at his dads.  
I suggested to his dad that maybe our son just wants to know that his dad 
gives enough of a hoot to learn about this disease and its control.  Oh boy.  
Here I go.  Nuf said.
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