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Re: [IP] inconsistency!!!!!??????

At 09:13 AM 12/9/99 -0800, you wrote:
>At 07:46 AM 12/9/1999  Ruth Schneider wrote:
> >
> >> Do you go through high periods, followed by sudden unexplained drops?
> >> you start going back up again? That happens to me all the time... I've
> >> never been able to create a consistent pattern, even from one day to the
> >> next, doing and eating the same stuff. Real frustrating.

I have fought the same problem for years and am finding some things that
improve the consistancy of my control.

First is going on a low carb diet.  It is just easier to control my BG if I
use "slow burn" fuel.  I am also losing a bit of weight which pleases me
and the doctor.

Second is the use of Rezulin.  It has really assisted me in getting me
close to a "normal" blood sugar when other disturbing factors are not
active.  I realize that some are reluctant to use Rezulin and I hasten to
say YMMV.  It has had a salutory effect with me. 

Without those two helpers my BG is all over the map.
Hope you find some answers,
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