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Re: [IP] Freaking out, please help!

At 04:50 PM 12/9/1999  email @ redacted wrote:
 >Without even having an A1c to look at, the endo prounounced after looking at
 >our log book that Justin's control is terrible, that it was better on MDI,
 >and that if it didnt improve, he'd yank the pump!!!

It's your pump... you (and your insurance paid for it) and your doctor 
can't just arbitrarily take it away from you. What he should be doing is 
working with your son to find out why his tests aren't as good as he'd 
like... maybe his basals are off, or maybe his carb/insulin ratios are not 
right. If there are  any major problems, they are all fixable.

It sounds like he's just looking for an excuse to put him back on MDI. If 
he threatens to "yank it" again, refuse and insist that he do an A1c first. 
If that's not enough, change doctors.


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