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Re: [IP] paying for supplies - the State Insurance Commissioner

Hi All -

If you have had your insurance cancelled becasue you're diabetic, or your
supplies are expensive, or........  Contact your State's Insurance
Commissioner.  He/She's responsible for making sure insurance companies toe
the line and follow the rules.  When the Insurance Commissioner contacts the
insurance company, they hop to and pay attention, becuase he regulates their
business.  Every State has one, and every insurance company listens to them.
It doesn't work to "tell" the insurance company you're going to contact
him - you should write to him, tell your exact circumstances, and while
you're at it, CC the president of your insurance company.  I worked for Blue
Cross and Blue Shield for over 10 years, and any contact from the Insurance
Commissioner caused severe stress and ACTION!  It may be they've complied
with what your policy indicates.  But after contact with the Insurance
Commissioner, you will get action.

Wish you luck!  Jane

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