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[IP] Disconnect-NOT!

Hi Pumpers this is Pumpgirl from Sunny Sydney.
I had a bit of trouble this morning. I did a lovely 35 minutes on my
airwalker and was all hot and sweaty so took all my clothes off and
reached down to disconnect my pump.........when low and behold it
wouldn't disconnect. Now I don't know about you but after 35 minutes of
strenuous exercise my brain is about zero tolerance and 80% fuzz. So
after wrestling with it for a while and rejecting the thought of stayin
in my sweat for the next 3 days. I donned my sports pack thingumy which
will go under water youknowwhatImean.  So all was well and clean in the
end. And I had another go after wards but still couldn't get it to
Has anyone ever had this happen to them?
Keep on pumping!

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