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Re: [IP] Adjusting your own basal rates

You know what?  I spent the first two months calling my CDE - NOT getting
prompt feedback, but also swearing I was ripping out this "blasted" pump,
and going back to MDI.  But, my parents reminded me that it took one full
year to get my MDI rate worked out too, so I decided to give this darned
contraption 1 year also, and to continue with trying to count carbo's.
After reading "Pumping Insulin" cover-to-cover for about the third time, and
then re-reading the chapter on how to set your basil rates, I discovered my
basils were wrong!  Yes, my CDE said call me before you adjust anything.
Instead, Memorial Day weekend, re-adjusted my own basil rates, guided by the
book, and LO and BEHOLD!  they finally worked, so I called and told her.
Never got any complaint from her, and my 6.8 A1C verified that my adjustment
was correct.

Diabetes is not for the timid, ya' know?  Take courage, and do your best,
and know you have about 2000 pumpers right here, 24 hours a day, who are
MUCH easier to reach, and have probably more experience than your CDE.

Take care, and be persistent!   Jane

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